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A-Rod Hits The Hell Out Of #600, It Lands In A Handbasket

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On August 4th, 2010, New York Yankee’s third baseman Alex Rodriguez became the youngest player in major league history to hit 600 home runs.

As a huge baseball fan, here are my thoughts about it:

– It is a milestone, no doubt about it; steroids don’t necessarily make people hit home runs, otherwise everyone who ever took them would be home run kings. There is the whole hand/eye coordination element to consider.

– Alex Rodriguez has admitted to using steroids. That, to me, in and of itself, sucks – but is forgivable. However, because of the way his steroid use came out, in lie-filled spurts, and because of his overall gross, self-centered attitude towards baseball, I cannot find it anywhere inside of myself to feel good about #600, or any of his accomplishments.

He doesn’t care what I think. But I doubt he cares what anybody thinks.

I’m not too sad. At least Yankee fans finally have something to celebrate.


Men with Acceptable Mustaches Fall into One of Four Categories, New Study Shows

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NRB Study: According to our recent study, men who are able to pull off wearing a mustache fall into (at least) one of only four categories.  This is according to over one hundred “cool women” we polled. This information might be a revelation for those who had previously believed that all mustachioed men were gay and/or trying to frighten off women.

Our extensive research unveiled four, and only four, categories to which a man with an acceptable mustache belongs (Each category contains at least one sub-category).

According to the women of taste with whom we spoke, unless a man can claim to be in one of the following groups, he should not grow hair above his lip.

ACCEPTABLE MUSTACHE CATEGORY #1: POLICE OFFICERS (also: Dads over fifty-years-old)

ACCEPTABLE MUSTACHE CATEGORY #2: GAYS (also: actors, musicians)


ACCEPTABLE MUSTACHE CATEGORY #4: ACTUAL COWBOYS (also: anyone legitimately hot)

Women warn however that, despite the existence of these helpful categories, it is not a sure thing. “Many stumble,” claimed one woman in our study. “As a rule, if a guy is good-looking enough it does not really hurt him.”

She continued, “But if a woman is on the fence about how she feels about a guy’s looks, usually a mustache is the kiss of death.”

Oregonian Man Pretty Good At Rugby

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(Opinion) Lucien Hoffman, who was arrested on charges he left his 2-year-old daughter in a vehicle in the parking lot of a brothel on a 95-degree day so he could celebrate his Rugby team’s win, is a total fucking loser.


Adios Annoying, Sweaty Bitch

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yogini.jpgLet me start by saying that I hate myself. I have become “that girl.” The edgy, feisty, independent one? No. The other one. The one that tootles around the city in velour track pants, flip flops, with a hot pink yoga mat strapped to her back. You know that girl. You hate her every time she bashes you in the spleen with her enormous gym bag or beans you in the head with her mesh bag enshrouded yoga mat.

I started Bikram Yoga a couple of weeks ago and I must say I love it. I enjoy everything about it–from the way it makes me feel to being able to watch myself in a mirror for 90 straight minutes. Yes. I am that vain sometimes. So are you. Don’t kid yourself.

Anyway, I love doing it, but I hate the cliche it makes me. So, from now on, I am not going to say Namaste to anyone outside of the Hot Room. I am not going to talk about light or setting intentions unless I am in the Hot Room. And for the sake of all the potential men that might want to ask me out someday, I will stop wearing the “uniform” and try to stand out of the crowd a bit more. That means that as comfortable as those Gap track pants are, they belong in the home. The messy, sweaty bun that every woman knows well? Gone. I once wore it as a badge of honor for exercising, but henceforth, it will now be tamed. That is until the next big exercise trend rolls into town and I find myself walking around in a sumo wrestler diaper. Some people get addicted to fashion trends in magazines, but for me it is the fashion trends associated with exercising.

Just wiped my ass with today’s sports section

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I feel better. Let’s do this thing.

Hi, we are N.R.B.

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(NRB Staff) Ten minutes ago, three established & respected writers decided to start a blog. None of them had ever blogged before. Blog-virgins, all three. Whoa, this crap is already published? Bitchen!